TV Snow: it’s a slang term for that haze of analog noise that you find on an untuned television. It’s also the name of a fresh-faced pop band from Perth, Western Australia. One sounds like harsh, tedious hiss. The other is melodic, tightly-wound with boyish energy and relentlessly dynamic. Sorry, there’s no prize for guessing which is which.

TV Snow - the band – came together a year ago, bonding over a love of rapid indie-rock rhythms and washed-out coastal melodies. Recording in November 2010 under the guidance of local stalwarts Shaun Sibbes and Lee Jones (ex-Eskimo Joe), the then four-piece spent a month in a studio on Perth’s north-eastern outskirts crafting what would eventually become their debut, self-titled EP which they launched in late 2011. Soon after came supports for blossoming local groups (Rainy Day Women, The Ghost Hotel, The Warning Birds) interstate bands (Bleeding Knees Club) and internationally touring acts (Lydia, USA). 

A 2012 tour to Melbourne ensued, followed by more studio sessions that would see that band working towards an album release. As part of this process, TV Snow re-recorded and remixed the songs that had formed their EP, with the help of new bass player Ben Linden. The band finished recording on July 13 th – but the next day, tragedy struck. Ben, an avid surfer, was riding waves near Wedge Island when he was fatally attacked by a shark. TV Snow had lost a band member and a close friend.

While many bands might have thrown in the towel at this point, TV Snow were unshakably affected by the way their friend’s presence lived on in the music they had just finished recording. After much reflection, the decision was made: the band would continue, and in doing so, share the sounds Ben had recorded with the world. The forthcoming LP is entitled Red ­– the name by which Ben was known to his friends.

Now, after their first year as a band, with its many highs and lows, TV Snow have their gaze set on the future. Plans are afoot for appearances at South By South West, Texas, and airplay, promotion and distribution in the USA. They’re wasting no time with fundraising efforts and a return to the gigging circuit. The band has been keeping busy, there’s no doubt. But they show no signs of slowing down. We can expect a lot more finely-honed, adrenaline-charged songwriting from the quintet in the coming year. One suspects we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to TV Snow.

“You don’t hear this kind of thing on an EP. You don’t usually hear cohesion when bands test the waters, you hear blossoming immaturity and traces of what we can expect when their sound is honed on further efforts” – Spaceship News

“If their debut is anything to go by, it’s well worth leaving the lounge room to see these chaps play some shows. The five songs on TV Snow are a very neat introduction indeed.”– Xpress Magazine

TV Snow’s LP Red is out on iTunes December 1 internationally and 4th January 2013 in Australia. 

TV Snow are...

Sean Tyler - Vocals and Synth

Anthony Di Giovanni - Lead Guitar

John Mariani - Rhythm Guitar

Derek Wardrobe - Bass

Garo Tanzi – Drums




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